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Joyce H. ~ general wellbeing
"I have tried acupuncture in the past, but in working with Marianne, I have found the most wonderful combination of body therapy, wisdom, and profound support. Her work has helped me move through some difficult transitions in my life, allowing ease and clarity to these changes. I leave her treatment room with such a renewed sense of my body, and a deep sense of peace and wellbeing. Thank you so much."


Scott K. ~Allergies
"When I moved to North Carolina, the lush green forests and wetlands that surround Durham gave me a housewarming gift: a complete set of allergies and a relapse of my childhood asthma. After trying all the pills and inhalers they have on offer and after losing many nights of sleep, I received another gift: a referral to Marianne Schat. With Marianne's help, my day-to-day symptoms were completely gone allowing me to lead a normal, comfortable life. My breathing became regular, my nose was no longer a faucet, and I was able to get to sleep without endless piles of tissues. My significant other slept better, too. Instead of using medicines daily (and often to little effect), I was healthier, my windpipe functioned as expected, my nasal passages were clearer, and I would only resort to pills and aerosols when spending long hours in houses with cats or dogs. Admittedly, I was initially very skeptical of acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy; it was not hope but desperation that first sent me to Marianne's treatment center. What I learned is that, as with any medical treatment, one's willingness to believe in it does not entirely determine its effectiveness! My body responded tremendously to Marianne's treatment and I am happier, healthier, and more open-minded because of it."


Anita A. ~Women's Health
"After about 13 years on the pill, my body's natural cycle just wasn't kicking in. A friend suggested acupuncture, and I feel so lucky to have found Marianne. Over the course of a few months of treatments, my period returned and I began to ovulate regularly. I value the process as much as the results, however. Acupuncture isn't just about the needles. Marianne listened, first to my words and then to my body, and her gentle and nurturing cranial-sacral treatments would leave me relaxed and clear headed, having felt I had done something really good for myself."


Kim M. ~ headaches, stress reduction
"Peaceful is the word that comes to mind when I think of Marianne. While I initially sought out acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy to relieve daily migraines, I've become amazed at how relaxing the treatment is. While I've experienced reprieves from constant headaches, I've found something else totally unexpected. In a day full of sometimes very stressful responsibilities, my time with Marianne is a haven away from everything. I can become completely disconnected from time in a safe and nurturing place."




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